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File Uploads and Submissions

Files can be uploaded, transferred, and submitted in a few basic ways.

Submit via E-mail

Most e-mail programs allow you to attach files to e-mail messages. When sending attachments, it is best to zip or archive the files you attach. You may encounter the following problems:

Sending Failure: If your attachment exceeds the system's limit size, sending may fail. To fix this:

  1. Reduce your file size either by saving the file as a compressed archive, like a ZIP filedownload software
  2. If you are sending multiple files, send them one at a time.

Corrupted files: Corrupted files occur when the e-mail program modifies the file. For example, Outlook may change an attachment from its original format to .dat format. To correct this:

  1. Have the person sending the e-mails use plain text formatting.
  2. Use download software to convert the .dat file

Upload via Blackboard

If an instructor assigns a project via the Blackboard "Assignment" feature, you may upload directly to Blackboard. Visit the Blackboard help site for more information. If you have multiple files to submit, it is sometimes recommended to zip/compress the files into one.

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