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Distance Education Regulations

Due to high annual fees associated with maintaining compliance under the state regulations on distance education, the University of Oregon is not able to accept registrations or applications for online classes or programs from students who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, or Minnesota.

It is possible that we might not be able to accept registrations from students in other states as well, depending on current state regulations which are subject to change.

Map of the United States with Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Arkansas colored red, Wyoming, Maryland, and Alaska colored orange, and all other states colored blue.

Distance Education Regulations State Authorizations Map
Dark Red: UO does not currently accept students from these states.
Light Blue: Application either in progress or contingent upon enrollment.
Light Green: UO may offer online courses in these states (i.e., any state on the map without a label.)

For the latest information on federal regulations on distance education, visit WCET Advance website.

In compliance with federal Department of Education regulations, you may follow this link for information about filing consumer complaints with your state authorizing agency.

You may also file a complaint with our regional accrediting agency, NWCCU (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities). Please follow this link to the NWCCU's contact information page.

Question? Contact UO Academic Extension's Kelly Ochoco, program coordinator, or Sonya Faust, program manager at 541-346-4231.

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