UO Distance Education

Distance Education Faculty

University of Oregon Distance Education expands the university's educational mission beyond the campus, taking UO's exceptional classroom teaching from face-to-face delivery into the virtual world and strengthening the university's reputation as a leader in research and teaching.

Online courses serve a student population who may be constrained from attending classes on campus for many reasons:

  • military service
  • disability
  • work schedules
  • geographical distance

We will work with you to design classes-whether one class or twenty!-with the aim of preserving the rigor of your classroom instruction and delivering it to students wherever they may be.

Distance Education fulfills the university's mission to "accept [. . .] the challenge of an evolving social, political, and technological environment by welcoming and guiding change rather than reacting to it."

To discuss Distance Education with one of our staff, call our office at 541-346-4231 or e-mail disted@uoregon.edu.