UO Distance Education

Creating an Online Course

Distance Education has a number of resources to help you create an online course or translate an existing face-to-face course to the online environment. We offer funding to support course development, and we employ technical support staff who have worked in online education for many years. Our online education specialists bring their technical and pedagogical expertise to join your content expertise. The result is a university course that reaches a wider and more diverse audience than the on-campus learner and communicates your research and instruction to the larger community.

The first step is to contact your department head or chair and communicate your desire to teach an online course. Then call or e-mail us and we'll meet to discuss your ideas and come up with a plan to implement your online course. We work with each instructor and their department to come up with a Distance Education plan that works for them. Contact us by phone at 541-346-4231 or e-mail disted@uoregon.edu to get the ball rolling!