If you are a current student

If you are a regular, admitted University of Oregon student, or a current Community Education Program student, you can register through DuckWeb, just as you do for other UO classes.

Check the online Schedule of Classes or the DE listing of courses for Course Reference Numbers (CRNs), tuition, and course information.

If you are a former student

If you were previously enrolled in a University of Oregon degree program but have not registered for classes in four or more terms, you will need to submit a re-enrollment form with the Office of the Registrar before you can register for any classes, including online classes. Check with the Office of the Registrar if you have questions about your status.

If you are not an admitted student

If you are not an admitted student, you may enroll in classes through the Community Education Program (CEP). Please visit the CEP website for more information about CEP.

Due to high annual fees associated with maintaining compliance under the federal regulations on distance education, the University of Oregon is not able to accept registrations or applications for online classes or programs from students who reside in several states.

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